Paper Submission

A complete paper (12-page maximum length) is necessary for submission.

Please submit your paper by 31 March 2017 15 April 2017. Please send your paper in .pdf format to: and to

Please use the conference template. For Word users, you can use the MS Word MCS conference series template or the LaTeX MCS conference seris template. This email address will be checked continuously by the organisers, who will then send your paper for review to at least two experts in the field of your paper. Upon receipt of the reviews, the Organizing Committee will then decide whether your paper has been accepted for the Symposium or not. You will be notified by email by 28 April 2017 15 May 2017.

Upon delivery of the papers at the conference, the best papers (as judged from the reviews and the presentation) will be invited for submission to well-known combustion journals as it was for the previous symposia. Publication at the journal may require a second round of review.